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It's fantastic to be with a group of like-missioned people; people and experts to learn from and share ideas and collaborate with. Be part of our friendly, supportive community of authors!

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If you are or aspire to be an author, at Author Acceleration Academy

  • Get a comprehensive training on all the information, steps and strategies for writing and publishing books.
  • Find a self-publishing learning and resources center with everything all in one place.
  • Be part of a fun, encouraging community of other authors.
  • Have some accountability, support and encouragement.
  • Get step-by-step training so you clearly understood how to plan, write, publish and sell your books.
  • Be in a group of like-minded people who understand you and your goals.
  • Get feedback and new ideas from other authors and author coaches.
  • Get your specific questions answered.
  • Use templates for the print version of your book, with formatting and sections already set up.
  • And more!


If you have books to write, why pay thousands of dollars for publishing packages for each one? 

Get the skills, information and support to self-publish as many books as you have on your heart. Our team shares all our tips, tricks and resources so you can understand the whole process.

  • Weekly training

    New training every week where you can ask questions and hear from coaches and experts.

  • Archived training

    From concept creation to sales and marketing, get step-by-step info for your author journey.

  • Practical help

    See examples and how-to steps, not just concepts and fluff. Get answers from experts and other members.

What Else Does The Academy Offer?

A combination of archived training and resources, live weekly training and a helpful, fun, supportive online community makes Author Acceleration Academy special. Along with our training and community, there are also high-value resources at your fingertips.

  • Book Templates & Instructions

    Print version Word template, pre-formatted fonts and sections, set for a 6"x9" print book, includes a 23-page instruction document specifically for authors who are writing a book based on their personal testimony or life journey. An instruction document is also available for real estate agents to create a lead-magnet book, and additional templates for other types of books continue to be be created.

  • Links to Important Author Resources

    Find links to necessary author-related websites and services. Head to the resources section and find the online links you need all in one place!

  • Templates, Worksheets, Handouts and Checklists

    Get extremely helpful printable and/or editable templates and worksheets for author press releases, book signing flyers, story timelines, book maps, outlining, publishing tasks, marketing and speaker pages, book titles, and more! 


Here's what our 100X Publishing, book challenge and Academy's author community has to say:

"Krista guided me through the writing process from A to Z and assisted me with the parts that I wasn’t excited about, like editing. She was extremely efficient which gave me momentum through this experience. Krista not only served as an editor but as a consultant, mentor and advisor. Her knowledge of the industry helped me avoid pitfalls and potentially costly mistakes that could have slowed down the process. She helped me with the book launch and promotion to secure a #1 release and #1 best-seller badge in multiple categories on Amazon."  


Josh Khachadourian

Author of The Standard, Coach

“I knew I was supposed to write my memoir but had no clue where to begin. With all the effort going into writing a book, I wanted to do it with excellence. I saw an ad for a “21-Day Finish Your Book Challenge” on Facebook led by Krista Dunk, and knew immediately I needed to join. In her challenge she covered every aspect of writing, publishing options, layout, style, character development, voice, transition, covers, etc. Most importantly, Krista is a phenomenal teacher and listener. She carries great wisdom and grace and is a wealth of knowledge. If you are wanting to write your first book or have written one in the past and felt frustrated in the process, I highly recommend you get under Krista’s mentorship in the Academy. I am a member now. The world needs to hear what you have to say and she will help you do it with excellence."

Patti Helzer

Pastor, Choosing to Live Free

“I've had the good fortune of working with Krista Dunk in a number of ways. As a participant in her 10-Day Write Your Book Challenge, I gathered the inspiration and confidence I needed to move forward with a book I had begun. As a member of Author Acceleration Academy, I’ve learned a tremendous amount not only from Krista, but also from her guest speakers and other participating authors and aspiring authors. Each session provides me with information I greatly need, valuable insight and new ideas that I would have never considered. As a complement to live and recorded sessions, the academy included access to a library of useful materials and resources. Lastly, through her offering of one-on-one services, I've had the benefit of Krista's personalized support to get me over the finish line with my very first book. Her willingness to customize support to my particular needs was greatly appreciated. I will rely on her expertise again as I continue to grow as an author and will be certain to recommend her courses and coaching to others.”

Patricia Roberts
College Savings Plan Expert, Author of Route 529

“Three weeks ago, God told me to turn my journal into a book. I was TERRIFIED, overwhelmed, and honestly not sure where even to begin. In just 10 days, I have written 45 pages, started a Facebook community that already has 40 members...and most importantly, I no longer feel overwhelmed. Krista is a wise and patient teacher who so graciously pours into her students and guides us all the way through the process!”

Rachel Jenks
Brand Boss Studios, Author

"Krista Dunk has worked with me in the editing and formatting of my best-selling book UNCLUTTERED: Free To Let Go. She has broken down every fear I had of trusting another person working with me. She is a rare jewel - a combination of honesty, reliability and professionalism.

I feel honored to work with someone who understands my values. Thank you, Krista. The Lord has really blessed you with the gift to bless others. I will continue to recommend you to anyone who needs help with their book."

Jenna Stevens

Author, Speaker, Business Owner

"Earlier this year, I knew I had a book in me, but I was stuck. I didn't know how to start, what kind of book or what was involved. Krista was offering a 10-day challenge on getting a book started. Although I met her in person at an event the year before, I didn't know much about how she could help, but I was hoping to find out. I was blown away. The first day of the challenge, the light bulb went on. Within 24 hours, an outline was done. The guidance and support Krista has given me enabled me to focus on the story and complete it within a few weeks. Then came editing, publishing, artwork and more. Whew, who knew all that was needed to get a book published! Krista was so key in helping me navigate all the steps, and her encouragement kept me going. I highly recommend 100X Publishing and Krista to any budding or experienced authors." Author of Elle and the Secret of the Magic Pillars

Donald Wickham

Author, Software Tech, Grandfather

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